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As a video games consultancy, tictacs consultancy offer a range of services to help individuals and companies achieve success in the video game industry. 


what kind of name is tictacs?!
(If you got the Call of Duty / Captain Price reference, 🫡)

gorilatictacs - The anagram of "tactics", and "guerilla".  

t1ctacs started as a personal gaming avatar and playing style, and we believe it should mirror how the gaming industry operates in the real world: 

🚀 Hitting fast  

🧗🏽 Embrace agility

🎯 Maximum Impact

t1ctacs seeks to drive public interest towards the video gaming industry through education and op-ed, research insights.

Taufik "tictacs" Sani

Pivoted into video games after MBA to pursue a lifelong passion in games. 

Experienced video games producer with a specialization in web3 gaming. Proven track record in delivering successful games from concept to launch, with expertise in game design, user experience, and monetization strategies.

  • Knowledgeable in web3 gaming, blockchain, and NFTs.

  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

  • Passion for innovation.

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Video Game Invention
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