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Fun First Glimpse - Kovaak FPS Aim Trainer

To understand Esports, try training like an Esportsperson.

I'm an FPS gamer through and through, and I started with my first FPS multiplayer experience in Half-Life deathmatch. This was in 1999.

21 years and many competitions later, I see Professional Esports getting real serious. Players are training like how EPL players are training on the pitch. I was curious as to how much does FPS training actually improve your aim. I got a copy of Kovaak 2.0: The Meta, which is a popular aim trainer on Steam (

So if you're wondering why Esports professionals put in countless of hours on refining their skills, its to muscle-memorise instinct and aim. Besides training, dieting, proper exercise and sleep are essential for improved concentration. My focus waned 30 mins into the trainer. And having been in past competitions, focus and composure are essential for victory.

Check out a glimpse of my "training" here! Takes grit and passion to succeed in Esports!

Soundtrack credit: Clubbed to Death (by Rob Dougan)

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