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Why did I start "Gorilatictacs Gaming"?

I have a life goal - I want to transform gaming as a new norm, as a subculture that is widely embraced from all facets of life.

I loved and breathed video games as I grew up, going to the community library to check out gaming magazines, evangelising the what-why-and-the-how to my peers, and participating in CS1.6 tournaments (my competitive career plateaued in a recent CS1.6 eSports competition). While I began my professional career in the higher education industry, doing my MBA gave me the opportunity to reassess my career aspirations, and how could I merge it with my passion.

Where It All Started - My First Gaming Experience

Video gaming was an activity that defined my entire childhood. My parents bought our first PC when I was five years old in 1994 for £2,000 (inflation adjusted). A fraction of the computing power we have today - Intel 486DX, 8MB ram, 500MB HDD, Windows 3.1. But it was more enough to run the hottest games of the early 90s. This was my first encounter with a first-person shooter, and I was so scared to play it by myself. I resorted to watching my Dad playing it instead (oh the old days before Twitch even existed!)

Reigniting the Passion - Back to Gaming!

I decided to do an MBA in 2018 because I wanted to learn about business, and use that knowledge to provide a positive impact to businesses. As I explored the various careers opportunities and functions post-MBA, I observed how there was a positive correlation between successful alumni and passion = You can feel the passion oozing out of successful individuals. I naturally gravitated towards what I was truly passionate about - Gaming.

CS1.6 Finals: Matching Jerseys in True eSports Fashion!

The opportunity to prepare for eSports in MBAT 2019 (MBA Tournament 2019) became the ignition that reconnected me back with gaming. Training with my fellow batchmates and going micro to analyse our playing styles, seeing how competiting schools get competitive when gaming was a revelation that eSports is huge, and the potential for growth is exponential (silver lining in Covid-19). If you've never been involved in an eSports competition, you should - The adrenaline is insane!

Having felt galvanised, I wanted to share with my batchmates my passion, and presented a TED-styled talk on the subject matter. While researching for content for my presentation, it was encouraging to find statistics that suggest impending exponential growth in the gaming industry as a whole, but particularly in eSports. Just look at the numbers!

Momentous: 9% CAGR 2018-2022; Est. $1.8B in 2022.

If you look beyond eSporsts, this is how big the entire industry is projected to grow. To note that these numbers are pre-Covid19. With gaming becoming increasingly adopted as a social distancing activity, these numbers are bound to increase.

A Whopping $200B by 2022!

So.. Where does "Gorilatactics Gaming" come in?

The Intersection of Gaming and Business
  1. Apply knowledge and relate experience gathered from MBA + career on challenges, opportunities, and developments within the video gaming industry.

  2. Creating fresh commentary on industry outlook, insights on the industry

  3. Sharing of articles, news, and other interesting content (gaming memes!) on the website to broaden awareness of video gaming as a culture.

With these three objectives in place, I hope this project positively stimulates your interest in the video gaming industry. These are baby steps to grow awareness and interest towards video gaming, but all dreams begin with a seed on Day Zero. If I can increase awareness+interest by an inch daily, it would've moved close to a kilometre in a year.

That is how I intend to accomplish my life goal.

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